Meet Katherine

Meet Katherine

At the age of 3, my parents decided I needed an outlet for my excess of energy and I will always be grateful that they chose dance.

It quickly became an all-consuming passion and a huge part of my identity.  I have been very fortunate throughout my life to have been taught by hugely inspirational teachers who instilled in me from an early age, a passion for dance and a desire to be the best that I could be. This led to my decision to audition for dance colleges at the age of 18.  Despite offers from a number of professional colleges including London Studio Centre and Northern Ballet, I was drawn to the Royal Academy of Dance because of the diverse options it offered, including teaching qualifications. After three glorious years and final performances at the Cochrane Theatre in Russell Square, I graduated with a First Class Honours degree in the Art and Teaching of Classical Ballet and was awarded the Jerwood Foundation prize for the outstanding student of the year.  After receiving offers to teach in a variety of schools and colleges, I accepted the opportunity to follow my heart and return to the North East to teach at my old school.  This I did and am now, very happily, the Principal of the school myself.

I also spent 7 years teaching GCSE and A Level dance in a local independent school, as well as choreographing for numerous school productions.  This gave me a completely new insight into working with children of a much broader range of abilities and I have been able to bring this knowledge to the rest of my teaching as well.  The arrival of my three amazing sons, in quick succession, brought a need to focus my creative energies in fewer directions, yet it is an experience I will always value and be thankful for.

There has been a dance school in our building since 1945 and I am extremely proud to be playing my part in its history.  I first attended classes here 30 years ago and found a very welcome sense of tradition, passion, joy and professionalism which I loved then and am continuing through my dance academy now.

As a fully qualified teacher in the three disciplines of ballet, tap and modern theatre, I am involved in teaching at all levels and I am passionate about delivering the highest quality across all age groups and abilities.  Every child deserves the chance to know the joy of dance and to be given the opportunity to learn, in a disciplined and structured environment, how to be the best that they can be.  It is my joy every day to be a part of their journey towards their own individual success.

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